The M14/M1A Blackfeather® "RS" Rifle Stock

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS M14 Rifle Stock

     The M14/M1A Blackfeather® "RS" aluminum rifle stock is patterned on the light weight, balance and ergonomics of a traditional USGI fibreglass stock but it offers modern features such as precision bedding, our proprietary, self-lubricating, oprod guide barrel tensioner, removable, keyed picatinny rails, a removable, interchangeable butt stock adapter, improved trigger ergonomics, end plate adapters for all industry standard AR buttstocks as well as true component interchangeability for the M14 platform.

     Blackfeather is comprised of 9 components, the stock, butt stock adapter, 2 end plates, 3 rails, the oprod guide and wear plate.


The Stock

     The stock and its component parts (excluding the oprod guide and oprod guide wear plate) are made from 6061 T6 aluminum and are Type II hard coated matte black in an ISO:9001 certified anodizing facility. The oprod guide and the oprod guide wear plate are made from 4140 HTSR (heat treated and stress releived) steel and ship salt bath nitrided (black).

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS butt stock adapter      The stock is rearward balanced, fast handling and as illustrated, light-weight at 2.0 lbs. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (additional weigh scale photos below). Additionally, the stock offers precision bedding surfaces, improved trigger ergonomics and natural handling characteristics over existing M14 platform designs. The Blackfeather® fore end was modeled and follows the natural contours of a USGI synthetic stock.

     Included with the stock, are three "keyed" picatinny rails. Two 4 inch side rails and one 6 inch under rail. The two 4 inch rails are keyed with male bosses protruding on the back of each rail. The bosses interface into the side openings of the stock along a track way to afford placement fore and aft. This modular picatinny rail track system is unique to the Blackfeather® stock and offers precision for side-mounted optics and strength for side-mounted slings or flashlights. The stock also includes a permanent 4" picatinny under rail and a 9/16-18 UNF threaded hole for a steel insert (not included) for QD sling swivels or bipod attachment. M14/M1A Blackfeather RS butt stock adapter

The Removable Butt Stock Adapter

     The butt stock adapter forms a critical interface between the stock, your butt stock and pistol grip. This important juncture was considered carefully to get it right.

Trigger Ergonomics
     First, we scalloped the sides of both the stock and the butt stock adapter to allow for an ambidextrous trigger finger contour. This scalloping allows you to keep your trigger finger in a "trigger ready" position (in the channel groove shown) and then with one transitional motion, a move to the trigger pad. The trigger finger is "swept" to the trigger pad. This simple design feature is very natural, unimpeded and fast. The channel groove is present on both sides of the stock so as to afford left handed shooters the same features.

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS butt stock adapter      The location of the AR-15 pistol grip adapter has been set back the correct distance to allow most shooters to have a natural and comfortable trigger pull length, using the tip or first joint of the finger. This location also allows easier unlatching of the trigger guard when dis-assembling the rifle for cleaning. Some aftermarket AR-15 compatible pistol grips will also allow further customization and/or adjustment of trigger pull length.

Butt Stock Height Position
     With an AR-15 butt stock installed, the height of the included low rear butt stock adapter allows most people to use the original M14 iron sights, or the built in BUIS rear peep sight of the CASM® series scope mounts. This low adapter provides a cheek weld that is higher than the original M14 stock comb, providing better cheek weld for scopes while still allowing the simultaneous use of the iron sights. An optional high rear butt stock adapter is available for dedicated scope use or in tandem with our LSP (Long Sight Plane handguard/scope mount/accessory rail), but this high adapter will be too high for simultaneous use of the original iron sights. A transition to the standard AR-platform iron sights is recommended. Finally, aftermarket side folding adapters are available that function well with the Blackfeather "RS" (i.e., Hera Arms SFU).

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS butt stock adapter Butt Stock Adapter Butt Stock Compatibility
     Importantly, the Blackfeather "RS" allows you to use any AR-compatible butt stock. This includes all AR "fixed" tubes, all AR "carbine" tubes and all AR full length rifle tubes that allow installation of butt stocks like the Magpul® MOE, CTR, STR, ACS-L, ACS, UBR and PRS, for example. The stock ships with two end plate adapters for carbine and fixed tube but no end plates are required for the full length rifle stock as the rear of the butt stock adapter has a compatible interface built-in.

Butt Stock Adapter Grip Compatibility
     Please note the illustration below in regards to AR pistol grip compatibility. M14/M1A Blackfeather RS butt stock adapter

Removable Butt Stock Adapter
     For optimal interchangeability, the butt stock adapter was made removable. Future Blackfeather® compatible butt stock adapters will include adapters for a higher butt stock position ideally suited to scopes only. As mentioned, aftermarket folding options are already available.

Butt Stock Adapter Affords "Natural" Feel
     When you hold the pistol grip under a carbine butt stock or a fixed tube butt stock, the end plates' natural ergonomics are apparent. End plate contours were carefully considered here to afford optimal comfort to the rifleman.

Butt Stock Adapter's Ambidextrous Sling Swivel Insert Openings
     On both sides of the rear butt stock adapter, we have included a 9/16x18 UNF threaded hole in order to allow for the insertion of a steel sling cup and quick detach sling swivel (not included, but available here). This will allow you to confidently install a sling on either side of the rifle.

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS, Scout Handguard, LMB Muzzle Brake.

The New M14.ca Oprod Guide: The Heart of the Rifle

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS butt stock adapter      The M14.ca oprod guide (ORG) is made from 4140 HTSR (heat treated and stress relieved) steel and offers the largest surface bearing area of any oprod guide available and a secure connection to the barrel.

     The new, adjustable M14.ca oprod guide barrel tensioner free floats the barrel from the ORG forward, and is adjustable vertically. This allows you to "tune" your M14 rifle by adjusting barrel to stock vertical tension and thereby adjusting "barrel harmonics" to maximize accuracy with an individual load. Or, you can simply set the tension adjustment at neutral which has shown in extensive range testing to provide improved average accuracy with many different loads.

     The M14.ca ORG is quad-locked: inside the stock by massive alloy buttresses, with three set screws on the barrel, at the forearm with a large 1/4" grade 8 frame bolt at it's base, and optionally, with a new heavy duty, stainless steel coiled cross pin. When set up correctly, this affords you a "0" rotation design that is vertically adjustable but still quickly removable. This quick release feature allows you to swap in another barreled receiver in minutes, so one stock can be used with more than one barreled action.

     The Blackfeather® oprod guide also affords special releif cuts on both sides of the oprod channel to allow for packing grease. This simple innovation offers lubrication of the oprod guide during the course of fire and is present in no other design.

     The oprod guide connects to the forearm with a heavy-duty, hardened steel anti-wear plate which provides a large surface bearing area that will not peen or distort even after extensive use.
Multiple Rifle Configurations: An Advantageous Feature For Blackfeather® RS Riflemen

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS      With the Blackfeather “RS” rifle stock, a rifleman can choose between a series of interchangeable, compatible M14.ca components that will allow an operator to customize a M14/M1A build for specific requirements. This modularity of design is unique to the precision machined, aluminum and steel Blackfeather® RS design. Furthermore, the RS allows you to swap entire barrel/receiver/trigger groups (BRT Groups) into the same stock by using our proprietary oprod guide on a second M14/M1A BRT Group (additional ORGs can be purchased via this link).

     Swapping entire BRT Groups allows you to run multiple rifle configurations, thus, the operator can field a Blackfeather® "RS"-equipped M14 with a short barrel and red dot while maintaining another rifle configuration with a long barrel and scope (this is a simplified example) without buying a second rifle stock. The total cost of ownership savings is advantageous, particularly to organizations that field multiple rifle configurations (or individuals with more than one M14). Notably, for multiple BRT Group swaps, and for ease of maintenance and cleaning, the Blackfeather RS design allows optics zero retention upon action removal via a single Grade 8 frame bolt. The Grade 8 frame bolt has a 3/8" head that is handily compatible with the U.S. GI M14 Combination Tool. This means that the original GI tool is all you need to field strip a Blackfeather® RS equipped M14/M1A.

The Blackfeather® RS: Modularity Unlike Any Aluminum/Steel M14/M1A Compatible Rifle Stock

     The Blackfeather “RS” system will allow you to choose between 2 different AR-15 butt stock compatible back-ends (fixed low or fixed high) (folding adapters are also available), our CASM LSP monolithic railed handguard/scope mount/accessory rail, our Scout Hand Guard (or other manufacturers’ handguards which may require modification to clear our ORG), different scope/red dot mounting solutions (our CASM A, CASM S, CASM EX, MRD, and RD mounts) and our LMB + FSB muzzle brake and/or an adjustable or fixed front sight that is compatible with our BUS system on the CASM series mounts. Other items include a set of quick detach sling swivels and our Black Arrow Oprod Spring Guide. New to our web site is our RBS, a simple, lightweight, all-aluminum buttstock option that will last a lifetime on your Blackfeather® "RS."

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS folding butt stock adapter

     This selection of components and multiple ORGs allows you to run your rifle in numerous ways with the confidence that your M14.ca parts will work in unison with your rifle platform. With Blackfeather®’s inclusive design, one rifle can fill several roles. Whether you are going for a simple, light weight hunting rig with no tactical accessories, a “shorty,” folding M14 or a fixed stock CQB rifle or a DMR configuration, the M14/M1A Blackfeather® "Rifle System" offers options like no other.
Weight and Balance Critical

     A rifle stock must be light enough to carry for long periods, but still heavy enough to allow for precise shooting with the powererful 7.62x51 cartridge. While maintaining our overall focus on building an accurate platform, weight and balance influenced every design decision. Our rifle in this photo weighs in at 8.2lbs.. It balances correctly and swings quickly due to its rearward weight focus. Furthemore, accessories like the CASM® GEN II scope mount only enhance the rearward optics weight shift on the Blackfeather® RS platform. For example, removing the M14 rear iron sights which weigh 2.8oz and adding a 3.8oz. CASM GEN II aluminum scope mount (with backup sight) adds only 1oz. of weight to your rifle. Removing the M14 rear iron sights which weigh 2.8oz and adding a 8.4oz. CASM GEN II steel scope mount (with backup sight) adds only 5.6oz. of weight to your rifle, a marked difference and a perceptible rearward balance shift on the Blackfeather® RS (especially with the heaviest scopes).

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS      In the words of a former high-ranking Canadian forces trainer who was present during Blackfeather® range trials: "I can not believe how well I could manipulate it [ed. Blackfeather] in any of the configurations to make fast double tap hits in the A zone through a number of different COF [ed. Courses of Fire]. The stock is light and well balanced, grip angle is familiar and requires nothing to be comfortable. With a two chamber SS Miceluk type comp, and the JPoint red dot I was getting almost no “Dot Bounce” and hits as fast as I could pull the trigger. Lighting fast double taps with a 7.62x51 (i.e. 6 As on three targets at 20 yds in 3.5ish seconds from the low port)! I was a little slower with the scope (on the CASM mount), but still able to run the same course in and around the high 3s with a worst of 4.2 sec.)."
Accuracy and Development

     After two years of on and off development, an estimated 100+ changes to the rifle stock concept over 13 full length prototypes (not including receiver test blocks) and 640+ machine hours (not including human research and development and range trials over 2 months) the Blackfeather® RS was designed to effectively accurize and modernize your M14/M1A rifle cost effectively while providing the most options ever available in a single platform.

     Blackfeather's accuracy comes from it's precise bedding surfaces (the tight, receiver group to stock fit) and our proprietary, adjustable, quad-locked oprod guide barrel tensioner that free floats the M14 barrel forward of the barrel boss. The bedding surfaces are based on original USGI receiver drawings, tested on various receivers using our "receiver test blocks" with guidance from M14 armorers and individual M14 experts, and our own in-house technical advisor (former gunsmith and ex-Canadian military) to re-create as accurately and optimally as possible, the bedding surfaces for the M14 receiver group.

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS M14/M1A Blackfeather RS       In the photos shown, an out of the box Norinco M14 rifle with minor modification and installation into the Blackfeather® "RS" rifle stock, we were able to achieve MOA. Signed and witnessed March 18th 2012. These results have since been repeated, most recently in a Canadian M14/M1A/M305 1.5" MOA Challenge. For more information, see this PDF.
Custom Modification

     We can modify the Blackfeather® "RS" to suit your organization. If you have a specific requirement or would like specific feature enhancements, we can offer that with the right volume order. Individual requests may be considered on a case by case basis. Inquires can be directed by email to: info@m14.ca

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS DMR Configuration.

M14 Windtalker Rifle.       M14 Blackfeather/LSP with X14 Drum Magazine       M14 M1A LSP Long Sight Plane Hand Guard with Vortex scope.

Product Name: M14.ca Blackfeather "RS"
Type: M14 Platform Rifle Stock
Material: 6061 Alloy, Type II Hard Coat Anodized, 4140 HTSR Steel, salt bath nitrided
Color: Matte Black
OAL: 22.375"
Weight: 2.8lbs with Magpul pistol grip and Ace Ltd. Ultra Light buttstock
Weight: 8.2lbs (Fully assembled as shown in this photo)

Receiver Group Compatibility: Fits all M14 family of rifles with receivers close to US GI external dimensions (Incl. Norinco/Polytech Rifles and M1A). (Lugged receivers will not fit). Full Auto M14s are not supported.

Barrel Group Compatibility: Fits all M14/M1A family of rifles with standard contour barrels. Medium weight barrels with a standard op rod guide barrel boss diameter of .800" may be supported. Please contact us for more information. Heavy barrels are not supported.

M14 Rifle Compatibility by Manufacturer: See: Blackfeather RS Compatibility List

     Tel. orders: To place an order over the telephone, please call 250 721 3444 direct. Thank-you.

     Please note: your M14.ca Blackfeather® "RS" rifle stock ships with one "Oprod Guide and Anti-wear Plate." For multiple rifle configurations, additional Oprod Guides and Anti-wear Plates can be purchased via this link.

Product Data Sheet
Installation Instructions
Press Release
Engineering and Design Considerations of the Tension Adjustable Op Rod Guide

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