M14/M1A CASM RD, Red Dot Scope Mount

     The M14/M1A CASM® "RD" mount is a new, redesigned, lighter, shorter version of our standard length M14/M1A CASM scope mount. "RD" stands for "Red Dot," and this new "RD" mount is designed specifically to securely attach small red dot optical sights to the receiver of both the M14/M1A and M1 Garand. Also, the new "RD" mount now has a built in rear peep sight, which provides instant access to back up iron sights with a red dot sight mounted.

     The standard length CASM mount was not simply shortened, and lightened, but re-designed. The "RD" mount was re-designed to fit properly, without user modifications, to the rear sight pockets of Garand receivers, including the slightly different Italian Garands, as well as fitting M14 receivers. Also re-designed was the cross section of the picatinny rail, with the original half round cut at the top made deeper to provide a sight tunnel groove. With the addition of a carefully located hole at the rear of the mount, there is now a usable, non-adjustable rear peep sight.

     While the built-in non-adjustable rear BUIS included with the "RD" mount may not be as convenient or as fine in adjustment as the M14 rear sight it replaces, for use as a true BUIS system, intended primarily for back up or emergency use, with instant access to iron sights with the optic mounted, with iron sights that are zeroed for practical use at practical distances, this BUIS system works but more importantly, the "RD" mount is as rock solid as our other versions.

     "Mount with confidence™."


Product Name: M14/M1A CASM® "RD"
Type: Mil-spec, Picatinny Rail M14/M1A Red Dot Scope Mount
Material: 7075 Alloy, Type III Hard Anodized
Color: Black
OAL: 1.75"
Weight: 2 oz.
Compatibility: Fits all M14/M1A family of rifles, M1 GARAND Rifles

$89.95 USD

$89.95 CAD

$89.95 CAD

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