The M14/M1A CASM® scope mount was designed in part by an ex-Canadian military officer and a professional gun smith with more than twenty years experience tuning and modifying hundreds of M14 and M1A rifles. Together, we've created a mount that is secure under recoil and will last a lifetime. The CASM® mount is CNC precision machined using 7075 alloy for maximum strength/weight ratio and is Type II hard anodized. It includes a proprietary four point mounting system with 1/4" allen head screws and allen head lock screws to hold adjustments.

     This mount replaces the rear sight, and uses the much larger, sturdier and more reliable mounting area inside the rear sight pocket, and the solid rear sight ears, rather than using the more common, much smaller stripper clip guide. See our document entitled Engineering and Design Considerations for further review.

(These two photos show the CASM® Gen. "I" mount. Shipping mounts are Gen. II).

     Notably, there are no left side mounting legs required on the scope mount. It is designed to interface with M14 railed hand-guards, which pre-empt the use of the left side bolt hole mounting point. The Picatinny rail mounting extends from the front of the receiver all the way back behind the rear sight location. Detailed Installation Instructions can be viewed via the latter link.

     The M14/M1A CASM® scope mount is high enough to avoid the trapped cartridge case jams found with lower designs and the bolt is easily removed for cleaning without removing the mount. The CASM® ships pre-set for slight angle down at the front for optimum scope adjustment at long ranges.

     The M14/M1A CASM® scope mount is a solid, sturdy, and secure mount for your M14 rifle. Please review our Product Data Sheet for a list of shipping components.


"One of the things I noticed immediately was a definite reduction of the size of my groups. I was using surplus M118 ball, and I have only been able to shoot .75in groups at 100yards. I just thought this was the limitation of my stock NM rifle. The standard removable 3 point mount was replaced with your mount and I was able to immediately put several of the bullets into the same holes, with no more than a .50in between the fliers. Lets just say I am impressed. Thank you for making this mount." -James H., M14/M1A CASM® Owner

"I all but gave up on finding a mount for my rifle. I have been through three in the past...and they were all just horrible. The build quality, fit, and design elements [of the M14/M1A CASM®] are outstanding. The instructions were simple and I followed them to the letter without any hitches. Now I know why you don’t have to build it out of steel. Your mount is SOLID. I could use it as a carrying handle and wouldn’t worry about a thing. " -Van J., M14/M1A CASM® Owner, USN Vet

"I received my CASM in well under the time frame stated. Mounting instructions were clear and made mounting a simple, straightforward process. It is the mount for my M1-A that I have been searching for for 20 years. While not inexpensive, by superior design and functionality, it is worth every penny. I, especially, appreciate the built in peep. To date I have only had the opportunity to fire 50 rounds with it installed. Groups were superb and case ejection was not impeded in any way. Rugged, simple, quality material and VERY well thought out design. Thank you for helping me "wring out" the accuracy that my M1-A is capable of. " D.L.B., M14/M1A CASM® Owner

"Received the casm mount put it on my Socom 16. The fit was a little snug no issues mounting at all the optic is a leupold patrol VX-R 3x9x40. Going to the range today to sight in will update with groups and distances. Very impressed with the CASM GEN II so far. Possibly looking to upgrade to the complete Blackfeather platform. I'm in the us army. I will be telling all my M14 friends about your mount. The best one so far out of the numerous ones I have tried. Thank you very much. " Jason K., US Army, M14/M1A CASM® Owner

"I had a friend help me fit the stock to an M3O5. Everything fit like a dream. Very impressed with your service, packaging, instructions and of course the product. All the best." Hans F., M14/M1A CASM® Owner

"Received the mount and was very pleased with the easy and solid install. Have it scoped and ready for the range. Have 4 different bullet grn and 4 different powders loads for each bullet. Feels like Christmas." Conley M., M14/M1A CASM® Owner

Product Name: M14/M1A CASM® "GEN II"
Type: Mil-spec, Picatinny 1913 Rail M14/M1A Scope Mount
Material: 7075 Alloy, Type II Hard Coat Anodized
Color: Black
OAL: 6.125"
Weight: 4 oz.
Compatibility: Fits all M14/M1A family of rifles (Incl. Norinco/Polytech Rifles)
BUS: Backup Sight Included

Product Data Sheet
Installation Instructions
Engineering and Design Considerations
Press Release
Range Review by Jeff P.
January 2011 On-line Edition of Tactical Life Magazine

$139.95 USD

$139.95 CAD

$139.95 CAD

CASM GEN II Scope Mount: Notes of Interest

1. Removing the M14 rear iron sights which weigh 2.8oz and adding a 3.8oz. CASM GEN II 7075 series aluminum scope mount (with backup sight) to your M14 adds only 1oz. of weight to your rifle. Furthermore, removing the stripper clip guide which weighs 1oz. is effectively "0" weight gain to the M14 platform.

1A: Removing the M14 rear iron sights which weigh 2.8oz and adding a 8.4oz. CASM GEN II steel scope mount (with backup sight) to your M14 adds only 5.6oz. of weight to your rifle. (In comparison, a rival GEN IV steel scope mount including all attachment hardware adds 10.2 ounces of weight to your rifle, a 55% weight savings).

2. The CASM GEN II scope mount sets up in the rear sight pocket of your M14. This mounting location offers the following advantages: A. It allows you to mount a scope or short eye releif scope further rearward. B. For heavier scopes and the heavier steel CASM, the rearward position affords a slightly better tipping point balance than 3 point designs forward of the iron sights (i.e., rearward optics weight shift, better handling and stability).

3. The CASM GEN II (6.25") and the CASM GEN II "EX" (9.25") are the longest M14 scope mounts available.

4. The CASM GEN II scope mount will not require gunsmithing. It installs in 15 minutes; with threadlocker set times, we recommend 12 hour cure.

5. The CASM design is high enough to avoid cartridge case jams common with the older Brookfield Precision Tool 3 point designs. It is also high enough to prevent brass from hitting a scope's elevation knob covers.

6. The CASM design offers a built-in peep sight (250 meters or more) with an aperture circumference that is equal to the original M14 iron sight aperture.

7. The CASM is built on a 4 point design.

8. The CASM is the world's only M14 scope mount that allows for MOA adjustment. This can only be done prior to installation lock down. You can set the mount at 0 MOA or higher, depending on what your receiver will allow.

9. The CASM is made from 7075 series aluminum. A common misconception is that the CASM GEN II is made from regular aluminum or 6061 material. Please review this article for a quick introduction to 7075 series aluminum.

9A. The CASM "S" is made from 4140 HTSR Steel (Hardened, Tempered, Stress Relieved).

10. A total of 8 fasteners are present on the scope mount: 4 to unitize scope mount to receiver and 4 to lock them down. Primary fasteners are 1/4" with a number 20 thread.

11. All primary fasteners are secured, each with their own 10-24 Cup Point set screws (3/16" and 3/8" respectively) (i.e., double locked).

12. All CASM GEN II scope mounts ship with blue threadlocker that conforms to "MIL-S-46163A."

13. "CASM" stands for "CAanadian Scope Mount."

14. The CASM GEN II scope mount is the most widely adopted M14 scope mount in Canada.

15. The CASM GEN II 6.25" length scope mount sets up just behind the receiver barrel ring and will not interfere with forward mounted rails or hand guards.

Other Points:

1. The CASM GEN II 6.25" length scope mount fits in behind the SAGE EBR top rail.

Brookfield Precision Tool (BPT) , 3 Point, Side Mount Common Problems

- if BPT scope mount mounts too low on your receiver, cartridge case jams (CCJ) could occur (a common, documented problem).

- CCJ issues require bolt dis-assembly and re-assembly and perhaps spring adjustment and even scope mount shimming.

- if CCJ occurs, you will have to go to range at least twice to ensure problem is fixed.

- if side wall receiver not to GI spec., you will be unable to torque side bolt to recommended 65 inch pounds. Mount could shoot loose with improper torque setting or mounts sets up twisted on receiver.

- side screws have been known to sheer off when over-torqued, resulting in bolt loading/seizure in receiver side bolt hole.

- if your stripper clip guide dove tail slot is mis-aligned, you will require shims (shimming introduces potential for slippage over time, generally you should nver have to shim a scope mount).

- BPT clones and modern optics: scope mount may be too low for modern optic ocular (interference at top of M14 rear sight aperture: rear iron sight aperture removal required to seat with low rings or higher rings required to circumvent + cheek riser required for rear butt stock on standard stocks).

- BPT clones may present problems with short eye relief scopes, CASM sets up in rear sight pocket, allowing SERS scopes to be used without issue.

Other notes:

- BPT clones are typically 6.5 ounces heavier than CASM GEN II steel (after removal of rear steel iron sights).

- BPT clones are shorter than a CASM GEN II steel.

- BPT clones are positioned forward of the iron sight pocket: result is scopes are mounted forward resulting in more middle heavy weight, with CASM, scopes positioned further rearward resulting in a noticeable rearward balance shift.

- BPT clones are not elevation adjustable prior to installation.

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