M14/M1A Light Muzzle Brake and Front Sight Set

     The Light Muzzle Brake (LMB) and Front Sight Base (FSB) from M14.ca offers the M14 shooter a short, light, effective muzzle brake and front sight base that is compatible with any barrel with a .30 calibre bore or less that has been cut, crowned and threaded 1/2"x28 TPI. For example, this image link shows the LMB/FSB on a Tikka T3 Compact Tactical rifle.

     The LMB effectively reduces muzzle climb and recoil for quicker, more controllable, semi-rapid fire and maintains an optimized swing weight for fast rifle handling and short profile at the muzzle for use in tight spaces.

M14.ca Light Muzzle Brake and Front Sight Measuring in at 2.125 inches.

     With the original M14 flash hider, no attempt is made to harness expanding gases to reduce muzzle flip or recoil.

     The M14.ca LMB re-directs expanding gases, reducing both rearward push and muzzle flip, and does so in one of the shortest and lightest weight designs available for the M14 and full powered ammunition.

     We couple the LMB with our strong, small-footprint, lightweight Front Sight Base that accepts US GI M14 front sights. For fast sight acquisition in low light, self-illuminating front sights are ideal replacements for US GI originals.

The Advantages of Cutting, Crowning and Threading Your M14 Barrel

     When you CCT (cut, crown and thread) your M14 barrel, you can incidentally obtain a target grade recessed crown on the M14 barrel. Also, if the threads are cut properly, the LMB is aligned precisely with the bore not with the outside of the barrel. This re-crowning may improve accuracy but it will also improve the rifle's balance and the rifle's swing weight at the muzzle: three desirable characteristics in a modern rifle system.

     Furthermore, with a threaded barrel, slight rotation of the LMB offset left or right, adjusts and optimizes the compensator to the ammunition and shooting style of the user. You can effectively fine tune the compensator to push the rifle in the correct direction for tighter double taps. Left handed shooters take note.

     For owners of M14 rifles with out of index barrels, the CCT and installation of the LMB+FSB will effectively correct sight alignment at the muzzle. There is no need to re-index the barrel.

     The M14.ca LMB also offers a stronger muzzle device to barrel connection than the original M14 muzzle device it replaces and affords the ability to conveniently switch out future muzzle devices with simple tools.

     The M14.ca LMB and FSB set offers secure, effective muzzle control and a solid platform for a self-illuminating front sight, or otherwise. Please review our Product Data Sheet for a list of shipping components (listed below).

     Tel. orders: To place an order over the telephone, please call 250 888 9982 direct.


Product Name: M14/M1A Light Muzzle Brake (LMB) and Front Sight Base (FSB)
Material: 4140 HTSR Steel
Coating: Nitride
Color: Black
OAL: 2.125"
Weight: 3.35oz. (LMB+FSB)
Compatibility: Fits any barrel with a .30 Calibre bore or less that has been cut, crowned and threaded 1/2"x28 TPI.


Product Data Sheet

$139.95 USD

$139.95 CAD

$139.95 CAD

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