The M14.ca Blackfeather® "RS"
Operating Rod Guide

M14/M1A Blackfeather RS Oprod Guide

     The M14.ca Blackfeather® "RS" Operating Guide and Anti-Wear Plate is a direct replacement for your existing M14/M1A operating rod guide. It is compatible only with the Blackfeather® "RS" rifle stock.

     Purchasing additional oprod guides allows you to quickly swap multiple M14 rifle barrel, receiver and trigger (BRT) groups in and out of your Blackfeather® "RS" rifle stock while still maintaining optical zero.

     Swapping entire BRT groups allows you to deploy multiple rifle configurations, thus, a rifleman can field a Blackfeather® "RS"-equipped M14 with a short barrel and red dot while maintaining another rifle configuration with a long barrel and scope (this is a simplified example).

     The total cost of ownership savings is advantageous particularly to organizations that field multiple rifle configurations (or individuals with more than one M14). Removal is fast (simply unscrew one Grade 8 frame bolt and remove your M14 trigger group).

     If you have more than one M14, now you can swap out M14 BRT groups much like AR15 owners have enjoyed swapping out AR15 uppers.


Product Name: M14.ca Blackfeather "RS" Operating Rod Guide and Anti-wear Plate
Type: M14 Operating Rod Guide
Material: 4140 HTSR Steel, Black Oxide Coated
Color: Black
OAL: (Approx. 2 3/4")
Weight: 0.8lbs
Compatibility: Fits M14.ca Blackfeather® "RS" rifle stocks.
Features: Largest surface bearing of any oprod guide, fully adjustable for load development, quad-locked upon installation, self-lubricating oprod channel relief cuts, affords tuned accurization of your M14 rifle.

     We reserve the right to sell this item to the original purchaser of the Blackfeather® "RS" only.

     Tel. orders: To place an order over the telephone, please call 250 721 3444 direct.

$169.95 USD

$169.95 CAD

$169.95 CAD

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