M14/M1A LSP Long Sight Plane Handguard, Scope Mount, Accessory Rail

     The M14/M1A LSP® (Long Sight Plane) hand guard/scope mount/accessory rail replaces the original M1A/M14 hand guard and iron sights and uses a much larger, sturdier and more reliable fitment methodology to provide the lightest and longest single plane rail available for the M14 platform.

     It is designed to index perfectly on a Blackfeather "RS" equipped rifle, however, it can be installed to other M14/M1A rifle stocks such as wood, nylon, fibreglass and other aftermarket stocks.

     The LSP® picatinny rail is approx. 20 1/4" long (starts rearward above the M14 receiver's heal, continues through the M14 rear sight pocket and ends at the M14 rifle's front band), weighs 11.7oz., and mounts firmly and rigidly to both the barrel and the M14/M1A receiver's rear sight pocket.

     After removing the original M14 iron sights and the original handguard, the net weight gain to the rifle is approximately 6oz., and with a scope mounted, the optics weight shift is noticeably rearward. Additionally, the rail extension over the M14 receiver heal allows you to mount a scope or short eye relief scope further rearward while offering space for a rear iron sight.

     In effect, the LSP® combines the mount design of the M14.ca CASM® "EX" receiver scope mount with the barrel mounted SHG (M14.ca Scout Hand Guard), in a precision machined, monolithic (one continuous piece), ultra long rail that is rigid, sturdy, and weighs about the same as the two other products combined.

M14 M1A LSP Long Sight Plane Hand Guard, Scope Mount, Accessory Rail.       M14 M1A LSP Long Sight Plane Hand Guard, Scope Mount, Accessory Rail.       M14 M1A LSP Long Sight Plane Hand Guard, Scope Mount, Accessory Rail.

     Along with the long 20 1/4", 12 o'clock mounting location for scopes and iron sights, the LSP® includes mounting points at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock for 4" lengths of picatinny rail, sold separately (these two rails ship with Blackfeather "RS" rifle stocks). The 4" rail sections are secured in a trackway (on each side), keyed into the LSP and are designed to be optically precise in several locations at 3 and 9 o'clock. Additional mounting points at 10 o’clock 2 o’clock are spaced correctly to allow installation of Magpul® polymer rail sections. While not recommended for optical precision, the polymer rail sections offer an economical and versatile, secondary alternative.

     The M14.ca LSP® rail is designed to be as long as possible and as light as possible, while still retaining rigidity, strength, and long term durability. Extensive lightening in the undercut, dual channel buttressing of the long, Picatinny rail sectional offers a superior strength to weight ratio over competing designs.

     This part is precision CNC machined from a single billet of aircraft grade 6061 alloy (it is not extruded and it is not assembled from parts). The internal barrel interface surfaces are fitted to precise tolerances matching up to the barrel contours of a standard weight US GI barrel. In this new design, there is clearance built in to allow perfect alignment of the entire rail over both the barrel and the receiver, with no unwanted bending or flexing.

M14 M1A LSP Long Sight Plane Hand Guard, Scope Mount, Accessory Rail.       M14 M1A LSP Long Sight Plane Hand Guard, Scope Mount, Accessory Rail.       M14 M1A LSP Long Sight Plane Hand Guard, Scope Mount, Accessory Rail.

M14 Windtalker Rifle.       M14 Blackfeather/LSP with X14 Drum Magazine       M14 M1A LSP Long Sight Plane Hand Guard with Vortex scope.

     The LSP®'s compression methodology and proprietary bracket design ensure a tight, uniform fitment to the variety of M14/M1A barrels, some of which can vary in dimension significantly. Our new design tightly "straps" the LSP® to the barrel with our custom designed, precision fitted, compression bands made from 4140 steel. Installation requires no gunsmithing and sets up quickly with common tools in as little as 30 minutes. To ensure a tight fit, we use a total of 12 fasteners, 2 proprietary steel barrel "straps," and two, large 1/4"x20TPI socket screws to deliver perfect fitment of rail to barrel and receiver. Blackfeather "RS" owners are also afforded an additional support and connection of rail to rifle due to the precise inletting on the LSP® that matches the Blackfeather RS®'s operating rod guide contour at the top: a fourth leg if you will.

      Finally, the optical plane of the top of the rail has been designed to be as close to perfect longitudinal alignment with the bore as possible. The rails will maintain zero of precisely aligned, critical optical equipment even when the upper part of the rifle (barrel/receiver groups with LSP attached) are removed for cleaning or for "swapping".

     For more information, ordering and assembly instructions, please see below.

Product Name: M14/M1A "LSP" (Long Sight Plane, Monolithic Handguard/Scope Mount/Accessory Rail)
Type: Picatinny 1913 Rail M14/M1A Scope Mount
Material: 6061 Alloy, Type II Hard Coat Anodized
Color: Black, FDE (Please specify FDE during order process. LSP default ships black).
OAL: 22.25"
Weight: 11.7 oz.
Compatibility: Fits all M14/M1A family of rifles (Incl. Norinco/Polytech Rifles) (Minor modification may be required). Fits standard contour barrels only. Does not fit heavy or medium weight barrels.

Installation Instructions and Product Data Sheet

$329.95 USD

$329.95 CAD

$329.95 CAD

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