M14/M1A 4 inch picatinny rail section

     This nominal 4" 1913 Picatinny rail, made by M14.ca for use on the Blackfeather® "RS," the M14.ca LSP® and the M14.ca SHG®, is used to attach side mounted optics, flashlights, sling adapters and other 1913 Picatinny compatible devices to your M14 rifle (please note: two of these rail sections ship with the Blackfeather® "RS" rifle stock by default but none ship with either the LSP® or the SHG® scope mounts).

     The Picatinny rail is keyed with male bosses protruding on the rear. These bosses interface into the side openings of the Blackfeather® RS stock and the LSP® handguard/scope mount along a trackway that affords placement fore and aft. On the SHG®, the rail position is fixed in the forward position at either 2 or 10 o'clock.

     The picatinny rail track system is unique to the Blackfeather® "RS," stock and the new LSP® and offers precision for side-mounted optics as well as strength for side-mounted slings or flashlights.

Product Name: M14.ca Picatinny Rail Section
Material: 6061 Aluminum, Type II Anodized
Color: Black
Weight: 1.20oz. (with fasteners)
OAL: 3.75" (nominal 4 inch)
Compatibility: Fits Blackfeather® "RS," LSP® and SHG®

$19.95 USD

$19.95 CAD

$19.95 CAD

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