The M14.ca "RBS" is a strong, lightweight rear butt stock purpose built for the M14.ca Blackfeather "RS" rifle stock, for use with or without a folding stock adapter. The RBS also suits aftermarket, custom-built M14/M1A/M305 composite stocks, precision rifle chassis, shotgun stocks and is suitable for the AR15/AR10 (see compatibility note below prior to ordering for the AR15 or AR10 rifle).

     Manufactured from 6061 aluminum, the RBS includes a modified, heavy duty 1.125" diameter extension tube with a wall thickness of 0.080" that is machine marked in .5" increments for individual LOP (Length of Pull) adjustment. The collar and threading is based on the A2 design standard but the tube is open on one end to allow for storage of a cleaning kit and M14 dissassembly tool (AR15/AR10 users are shipped a closed A2 tube, see compatibility note below). Both extension tubes ship with an "O" ring designed to increase the friction lock in this location and blue Loctite as well as an EPDM cheek rest (EPDM has a high resistance to UV and a wide operating temperature range).

M14/M1A RBS on Blackfeather
The "RBS" shown folded on an M14.ca Blackfeather "RS" using a Hera Arms SFU folding adapter. A compact, lightweight option (folding adapter not included).

     Manufactured from 6061 aluminum, the rear butt plate extension is .400" thick and features dual extension tube locking screws for ultimate retention. It ships with a enhanced recoil pad. The butt plate extension includes a Quick Detach sling swivel threading for 1.25" sling swivels (QD swivel not included), an accessible storage compartment in the tube section and a 1" lower picatinny rail section for aftermarket rail mount monopods. (In conjunction with a bi-pod, rail mount monopods (RMMs) allow you to perfectly stabilize and position your rifle prior to firing. In some examples, RMMs also allow the monopod to double as a vertical foregrip).

     The M14.ca RBS weighs 11.6oz and was developed within the Blackfeather "RS" platform's design constraints for weight and balance. The RBS is a strong, hybrid part suitable for lightweight, fast handling CQB/DMR-type platforms or both, fixed or folding.

Product Name: M14/M1A RBS (Rear Butt Stock)
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Coating: Type II hard coat anodized
Color: Black
OAL: 11.125" (User adjustable LOP, marked in 1/2" increments)
Weight: 11.6oz.
Compatibility: Fits any rifle stock with a threaded extension 1-3/16"-16 TPI including the Blackfeather "RS" and other aftermarket stocks with an AR15/AR10 interface. For AR15 or AR10 users: please email us after placing your order to ensure that you receive an AR15/AR10 tube (note, we do not stock AR15 parts, please add 1 week for order fulfillment).

$189.95 USD

$189.95 CAD

$189.95 USD

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