M14/M1A CASM MRD, Sight Base with Hood

     The M14/M1A CASM® "MRD" mount is an adjustable base and hood for one of the lightest micro-electronic reflex sights in the world: the Jpoint®. Note: The M14.ca "MRD" base is also compatible with the Leupold® "Delta Point."

     The M14/M1A CASM® "MRD" sight base and hood is so small, it is designed to fit inside the rear sight pocket of your M14/M1A rifle.


     "As a primary sight, it offers the lowest possible overall weight and compact configuration on your rifle with usable accuracy out to 250 yards."

     The M14.ca® designed base with hood is designed to securely attach, adjust and protect the Jpoint® red dot. The hood completely encloses and protects the Jpoint® inside which is in an always on, rifle ready state.

Value Philosophy:
  • Battery lasts for 9 months and costs approx. $1.
  • Jpoint® + CASM® MRD base/hood costs less than micro red dot + mounts from competing brands.
  • Ultra compact, fully protected rear sight pocket solution
  • Extremely light weight
     The Jpoint® itself includes a built-in sight notch which can also provide a back up sight picture should the red dot go down. A secondary benefit while cleaning, maintaining or upgrading parts for your rifle is that the hood will perfectly balance the M14/M1A action while upside down.

     As with our other designs, the "MRD" base with hood is solidly affixed to the M14/M1A receiver and will not shoot loose. It will also protect your Jpoint® from damage under the most severe conditions.

(Note: the CASM MRD mount does not ship with the JPOINT red dot. It is sold separately at distributors in the US and Canada).

Product Name: M14/M1A CASM® "MRD"
Type: Mil-spec, M14/M1A Sight Base with Hood
Material: 6061 T6 Alloy, Type II Hard Anodized
Color: Black
OAL: 2.5"
Weight: 2 oz.
Compatibility: Fits all M14/M1A family of rifles incl. Norinco/Polytechs, M1 GARAND Rifles

Product Data Sheet
Installation Instructions

(Item Discontinued.)

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