M14.CA M305-A 7.62x39 Adapter

     The M14.ca "Hammerhead" is the world's only 7.62x39 adapter that allows you to utilize an M305-A action into the Blackfeather RS rifle stock, as well as aftermarket stocks like the Archangel, for example. USGI wood or fibreglass stocks are also compatible (minor modification may be required). Thus, finally, you can seat your 7.62x39 action into your favorite M14-style rifle stock instead of the OEM black plastic stock. If you own both a M305 and M305-A, now you can enjoy multiple calibres using the same rifle stock.

M14.CA M305-A 7.62x39 Adapter Installed, Wood Stock

Furthermore, the Hammerhead is four-fluted and smooths, enhances and maintains spring alignment during operating rod travel for maximum accuracy and no binding. The M14.ca Hammerhead is CNC precision machined from a single piece of 1144 StressProof® steel with no welds. It is case hardened in a salt bath nitriding process. This process offers additional lubricity, superb corrosion resistance and a surface hardness up to 75Rc.

M14.CA M305-A 7.62x39 Adapter Installed

Product Name: M14/M1A Hammerhead 7.62x39 Russian Stock Adapter and Op Rod Spring Guide
Material: 1144 StressProof® Steel
Color: Black
OAL: 6.5"
Weight: 3 oz.
Compatibility Notes: Fits Chinese springs (M305-A rifles only. Not compatible with the 7.62x51 M305). The original M305-A magazine is compatible. "KCI" 7.62x39 magazines were tested with this product. No other magazines provided dimensional consistency to be utilized.

$129.95 CAD

$129.95 CAD

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